River fishing spots, Teuronjoki and Renkajoki


The source of the River Teuronjoki is Lake Pääjärvi in Lammi. The river is twisty, occasionally turning into small rapids. Rainbow trout, trout, pike and perch are found along the entire length of the river. The river’s best fishing spot is located in the Hämeenkoski parish village and stocked a few times a year with rainbow trout. Remember to release any trout with adipose fins back into the river.


Starting at Lake Renkajärvi, the River Renkajoki flows through the parish village of Renko to Lake Haapajärvi. The steep-banked Renkajoki flows approximately 5–6 metres wide and occasionally turns into narrow lakes and small, fast-flowing rapids.

Renkajoki is a nice, small-scale fishing spot for fly-fishing and trolling Catches include pike, perch and trout as well as various cyprinids. In addition to stocked trout, the river also has a natural trout population. The minimum size of stocked trout is 50 cm. When the river flow is at its peak, Renkajoki is a great place for combining canoeing with fishing.

Fishing permits:

Teuronjoki in Hämeenkoski EUR 10/day, EUR 25/week, EUR 50/year
Fishing permitted with lures and flies.

Renkajoki in Renko EUR 10/year

Permit sales locations:

  • Teuronjoki: Koskikartano, Hämeenkoski +358 (0)3 751 1499
  • Renkajoki: Vilho Sipilä, tel. +358 (0)50 5936 952
  • Renkajoki: Harri Takkumäki, tel. +358 (0)3 6526 046 or +358 (0)40 843 6064

Boat launching spot:

For canoes in Hämeenkoski.