Kukkia – a compelling fishing lake

Known for its beauty and pure waters, Lake Kukkia is a popular summer cottage and recreational fishing area. Kukkia is part of the Kokemäenjoki drainage system and the Hauho watercourse, located mainly in the area of Pälkäne and partly in the area of Hämeenlinna. The south-east corner of Kukkia provides access to Lake Kuohijärvi via the River Kuohijoki, and in the south-west it drains via the almost level Lake Vuollekeskinen and Lake Vihajärvi into Lake Vähä-Roine.

Kukkia is a relatively rugged lake with clear waters, the ecological status of which has been categorised as being good. The number of islands is over 300, the largest being Evinsalo. The largest open water area is Lehtisaarenselkä, which is approximately two kilometres in length. The lake’s numerous shoals and boulders make it difficult to navigate and fish on, but on the other hand these qualities also provide challenges for fishers. The steep underwater sandbanks hide large perch, which Kukkia is known for. Pike-perch stocking has also proven fruitful, and as a result those jigging or trolling can look forward to catching pike-perch in addition to large pike. The lake also has a sustainable vendace population, and trout is not a rare catch on the lake either. Kukkia has a substantial population of large signal crayfish.

Lupien myyntipaikat:

  • Rautajärvi: Restaurant EloTähkä, tel +358 (0)40 7268 044
  • Luopioinen: Minnan Kukkamaa, tel +358 (0)40 1468 144
  • Padankoski: Kirsi Saarinen, tel +358 (0)40 7286 464


Matinojanranta Holja boat beach, Talasniemi boat ramp, Raholahti boat beach


Kuohijärvi and Kukkia feature a wide range of accommodation and restaurant services. More information is available on the Visit Kukkia website.