Alajärvi – a fine trolling and ice fishing lake

Alajärvi is a fine around-the-year recreational area used by the residents of west Hämeenlinna as well as those visiting from further away. The Tervaniemi headland boasts a good beach with campfire spots. In the winter, the headland provides access to the ice, on which you can find a super popular ice skating and kicksled track. The shelters on Soininsaari island are ideal places to rest and brew a cup of coffee if you’re out ice fishing or just enjoying the outdoors. The beautiful and labyrinthine lake is also great for ice fishing, as the perch population consists of both large individuals and smaller fish. This is also why you should try ice fishing on Alajärvi with a balanced jig, which is also the favoured lure type of master fishers in the Häme region. The lake is easy to access, making it ideal for children as well.

If you can get your hands on a boat, why not try trolling for pike-perch? The pike-perch population of Alajärvi is not that dense, but the fish are big. Naturally the lake also contains pike, though they have remained modest in size in recent years. Alajärvi is also rich in signal crayfish, as are several of the lakes covered in this guide. Permits for catching signal crayfish on Alajärvi are sold in limited numbers to residents of Hämeenlinna.

Fishing permits:

Rod fishing permit EUR 20/year

Fish trap tag EUR 12

Crayfish tag set EUR 35/5 traps

Permit sales locations:

  • Kellokeskus Laine, tel. +358 (0)3 612 7072