Katumajärvi – large eels and carp

Lake Katumajärvi is located in the vicinity of Hämeenlinna in the middle of a Finnish cultural landscape. The lake has always been shrouded in mystery. The lake’s name, which translates to Lake of Regret, dates back to the early 11th century, when Finns who had been forcibly converted into Christianity used its waters to wash away their baptism. The lake is eutrophic, but its water quality is good.

Just as mysterious as the lake itself are the eels of Katumajärvi. The fishers managing the lake by bow net fishing regularly catch specimens weighing over three kilos. The largest individual so far was caught with a bow net in 2009; at approx. 4,600 g, it was also the largest eel ever caught in Finland.

A skilled angler might very well snag a record-breaking eel from the lake. Eels are best caught by bottom fishing in the evening or at night. Suitable bait include earthworms and small baitfish. Good fishing spots can be found in the vicinity of Mantereenvuori on the west side of the lake. Using a spinning rod is recommended to ensure that you can cast the lure and its weight far enough from the shore. In addition to eel, the lake has a diverse cyprinid population. You might even be lucky enough to catch a sizeable carp.

Fishing permits:

Rod fishing permit EUR 8/year, crayfish tag EUR 1/trap
Fishing also permitted with a Vanaja watercourse permit
Please note! Use of outboard motors is prohibited.

Permit sales locations:

  • Kastelli service point, Hämeenlinna, tel. +358 (0)3 621 3370. Open Mon–Fri 9:00–16:00