Rapids fishing spots Vihavuosi and Hauhon Vuolle

Vihavuosi is located in Hauho, in the heart of the Häme region. Its scenic landscape is dominated by the rapids and the surrounding ‘mountains.’The village’s peculiar name literally means ‘Angry rapids.’A popular fishing spot, Vihavuosi has long attracted fishing enthusiasts from as far away as Helsinki. In the dead of night, the river used to provide salmon weighing as much as seven kilos. The rapids are known to have been visited by a number of famous Finns for a spot of salmon fishing, including Eino Leino, Sulo Vuolijoki, Väinö Lampén and members of the Järnefelt family.
Even today, Vihavuosi remains a popular destination for fly fishing. More information on its fishing regulations, permits and services can be found at https://www.vihavuosi.fi/kalastus.html (in Finnish)

Hauhon Vuolle

These rapids measuring a few hundred metres in length are located between the lakes of Iso-Roine and Hauhonselkä. In midsummer, the Vuolle rapids are abundant in small roach as well as perch and trout pursuing the roach in search of easy prey. In addition to trout and perch, the most common catches include rainbow trout, ide and pike.

Fishing permits:

EUR 10/24 hours, EUR 30/10 days or EUR 50/calendar year.

Permit area:

Hauhon Vuolle, through which Iso-Roine drains into Lakkianselkä.
The permit also entitles the holder to fish in the other water bodies of the Vitsiälä joint property management association, excluding Vihavuosi.

Permit sales locations:

Alvettula village shop +358 (0)45 675 0089
Matti Rantti Ky +358 (0)3 6751190


Permitted fishing methods are fly fishing, spinning, ice fishing, trolling and angling. Hook fishing with worm bait prohibited. Fishing is prohibited during the protected autumn season 11 September–15 November. Trolling with a motor is prohibited on Vuolle.