Pyhäjärvi in Hauho – rugged shores and open waters

Lake Pyhäjärvi is an open lake almost completely devoid of islands, the northern shore of which is very rugged, while the southern shore is more even. Most of Pyhäjärvi’s waters flows in from the River Kopsjoki and out via the River Lehdesmäenjoki into Lake Iso-Roine. The lake has an average depth of 11 m and a maximum depth of 35 m. The lake is slightly eutrophic, though the water quality is still good and the lake’s ecological status has been determined to be good.

The lake has a good amount of vendace and the whitefish population has grown stronger as well. Other typical fish include burbot, perch, trout, bream, pike-perch and pike. The lake also has plenty of signal crayfish. Pyhäjärvi is a challenging lake for angling, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t catch some big ones on a good day. Good lures to use include Heta, Jesse and Merimetso.

Fishing permits:

EUR 30/year or EUR 10/week
Group/competition permit, winter EUR 1/day, minimum EUR 35
Competition permit/summer for a boat per day EUR 5/minimum EUR 35/group
(no restrictions on the number of rods)

Permit area:

Hauhonselkä, Hiiriselkä, Ilmoilanselkä, Iso-Roinevesi, Leheejärvi, Painonselkä, Pyhäjärvi, Rääkkiä, Sappeenjärvi, Suolijärvi, Vihajärvi and Vähä-Roine.
The permit area encompasses the water areas of the Niemikunta fishery collective and the Hahkiala, Hauho parish village, Hyömäki, Ilmoila, Juttila, Kyttälä, Laitikkala, Miehoila, Okerla, Puutikkala, Sotjala, Syrjänta, Torvoila and Vitsiälä joint property management associations in the aforementioned lakes. Area: 8,218 ha


The permit is a personal angling permit with no restrictions on the number of rods. The permit does not authorise its holder to fish on Kopsjoki, Lehdesmäenjoki, Vuolle in Hauho, Lampaansalmi, Ruumiinsalmi, Syväsalmi, Vittastaipaleensalmi, the Vihavuosi rapids and the area of Virtainsilta.
Permitted fishing methods: fly fishing, spinning and trolling.

Permit sales locations:

  • Alvettula, Elsa Pietilä +358 (0)40 964 5607
  • Tuulos, Risto Eerola +358 (0)400 357 674
  • Miehoila, Hannu Maula +358 (0)400 730 193
  • Vihavuosi, Paavo Pönni +358 (0)400 466 649
  • Hauho Church, Matti Rantti Ky +358 (0)3 6751190
  • Puutikkala, Jarkko and Aino Saksala +358 (0)400 787 081
  • Rukkoila, Matti Räväsmäki +358 (0)400 639 917
  • Mustila, Unto Satoranta +358 (0)400 634 932
  • Hauho parish village, Martti Hellsten +358 (0)440 835 330
  • Joenkylä, Petri Mäkinen +358 (0)40 545 3063
  • Sotjala, Reima Kaipainen +358 (0)445665283

Permits can also be paid directly to the area’s account at Hauhon Osuuspankki
Account number: FI91 5041 0440 0112 78
Message to be included: Hauhonreitin viehekalastuslupa.
Permits can also be paid via the website (in Finnish).

The joint property management associations’ permits in the Hauho fishing area

The joint property management associations permit fishing based on an angling permit granted by other joint property management associations of the same lake. In other words, you can purchase a permit from one joint property management association and fish in the entire basin. Check the permitted area when purchasing a permit.

Boat launching spots:

Hauho marina, Alvettula – boat ramp, Torvoila village shore