Loppijärvi and Kaartjärvi – trolling for big pikes

The main catch of the large and shallow Lake Loppijärvi is pike. Be sure to bring appropriate tackle for pike hunting, as catches of up to five kilos are not uncommon.

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The pike and pike-perch of Loppijärvi are especially partial to Jesse, Rapala and Nils Master perch-patterned wobblers. The most popular fishing method is trolling, but due to the amount of weeds reaching up to the surface, trolling is not possible in all parts of the lake. The best fishing spot is the approximately six-metre-deep basin located in the northern part of the lake, south-west of Isosaari island. Pike are also found in the other parts of Loppijärvi (the water quality of which is good), though in these other parts the best method for catching them is to use a spinning lure. Due to the shallow shores and amount of aquatic vegetation, a boat is almost essential for fishing on Loppijärvi.

The lake is also known for its perch, but their size has varied considerably over the years. The perch population is currently large, but catches are generally on the small side. In winter, the absolute best way to catch perch is to use a mormyshka, coloured hook or other bait hung on a piece of line approximately 5–10 cm in length under a vertical jig. The Loppijärvi basin is also a popular spot for angling perch from a boat.

Lake Kaartjärvi is located right near Loppijärvi, but is a wholly different fishing spot. Low in nutrients, the lake’s waters are quite clear and inhabited by pike, pike-perch, whitefish and even trout. Kaartjärvi is known as a good place for trolling.


  • Lakes Loppijärvi and Kaartjärvi belong to the joint permit area of the Loppi fisheries region, which encompasses several local lakes. See kalastusalue.fi
  • Annual permit EUR 25/person
  • The annual permit allows you to use four rods and lures as well as hooks and lines with a fly or casting float. Competition permits are also available for the area.
  • Daily permit paid with a mobile phone EUR 5.01/person
  • Get a Loppi fishing permit conveniently by phone: 24-hour permits can be purchased with Sonera, Elisa, DNA and Saunalahti mobile plans via SMS: Send the word LUPA (space) YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION to the number 173 484. The permit is valid for 24 hours from the receipt of the confirmation message. Save the message as a receipt for permit checking.


  • Eräloppi Oy, tel. +358 (0)19 4411 42, LOPEN KIRKONKYLÄ
  • Shell Loppi A. Pirttilä, tel. +358 (0)19 4402 70, JOKINIEMI
  • Lopen Pyöräliike Ky, tel. +358 (0)19 4459 64, SAJANIEMI
  • Neste Uotila, tel. +358 (0)19 4432 49, LÄYLIÄINEN
  • Korkiakosken uistin, tel. +358 (0)19 724 700, RIIHIMÄKI
  • Daily permit by mobile phone, tel. +358 (0)606 006 1127



  • Parish village beach
  • There is a changing room, toilet, grilling spot with canopy, children’s playground, beach and a spacious car park by the boat launching area.


  • 1) Municipal beach (from Räyskälän kantatie via Vojakkalan tie approx 1.6 km)
    The water by the launching spot is shallow.
    There is a changing room and toilet at the beach.
  • 2) Sähkönokka


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