Lepaa-Kernaala waterway

kuha ja kalastaja

The Vanaja watercourse from Lepaa to Kernaala – 30 km of waterway abundant in fish

This part of the watercourse includes plenty of narrow passages and three open lakes: Kernaalanjärvi, Hattulanselkä and Miemalanselkä. The entire area is abundant in pike-perch and pike. The water body is effectively managed and stocked with plenty of pike-perch and rainbow trout, among other fish. The watercourse also has a great range of services for fishers. The water is murky and intensely brown.

The watercourse is a traditional pike-perch fishing spot, and the best time to go fishing is in the evening twilight. The area’s largest pike-perch have been caught from the basins of the open lakes. While pike-perch is found in all parts of the watercourse, the most popular fishing spots are the open lakes. The fishing permit area covers the entire Vanaja watercourse from Lepaa to Lake Kernaalanjärvi.

Lake Kernaalanjärvi in Janakkala is known for its large pike-perch. In fact, the whopping pike-perch of Kernaala occupy some of the top spots of ERÄ magazine’s catch statistics year after year. Kernaalanjärvi is also one of the testing waters of the Finnish Jesse pike-perch wobbler. Years of experience have shown that the best lures for the lake are brown, perch-pattern and yellow-white lures.


  • Vanaja watercourse permit: EUR 30/year, EUR 10/week, EUR 5/3 days
  • Purchasers of the permit are also provided a map of the permit area.
  • More information about the Hämeenlinna fisheries region (in Finnish): hmlka.fi


  • Kastelli service point, Hämeenlinna, tel. +358 (0)3 621 3370. Open Mon–Fri 9:00–16:00
  • Neste, Turenki, tel. +358 (0)3 688 2092
  • Korkiakosken Uistin, Riihimäki, tel. +358 (0)19 724 700
  • Online fishing permit service: www.ostaluvat.fi (finnish only)
  • Permits can also be paid directly to the Hämeenlinna fisheries region’s account: Etelä Hämeen OP FI63 5680 0020 0685 38


Vanajanniemi, Lepaa, Mierola, Petäys, Hämeenlinna (Virveli), Turenki (marina), Tuulensuunjoki


Lepaan matkailu
Lepaa vineyard and garden (finnish only)
Mierolan Silta Cafe (finnish only)
Katajistonranta (finnish only)
Spa hotel Scandic Aulanko
Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Virvelin rantaravintola restaurant (finnish only)
Sotkanranta marina (finnish only)
Restaurant Suviranta Turenki (finnish only)
Turengin asema
(finnish only)