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A cottage pier and a fishing rod on a summer morning; biting frost and the crunching snow beneath your boots as the auger drills into the ice… fishing is much more than impressive catches. Check the fishing spot guide for the Vanaja and Hauho watercourses and discover the best places for trolling and ice fishing. The guide also provides information about fish species, fishing tackle, services, permits and delicious fish recipes.

The Vanaja watercourse fishing spot guide was created as part of the Vanajavesi watercourse development project (2005-2007). The information pertaining to the Vanaja watercourse has now been updated and the guide has been expanded to include the Hauho watercourse as part of the Tavastia Blueways project funded by the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland (2014–2020).
The permit prices and areas included in the guide are based on information from 2019.

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