Vanajavesi Centre


Vanajavesi Centre was established to improve the status of rivers and lakes in Lake Vanajavesi watershed area and to boost the appeal of the region in other ways, too.

Vanajavesi Centre is located in Hämeenlinna and it operates in Lake Vanajavesi watershed area in Southern Finland. There are over 300 lakes and ponds in this watershed area.

The main goals are

  • Lake Vanajavesi is in good status in 15 years and the status of other lakes and rivers has also improved
  • Other environmental and cultural values have been strengthened
  • Increased tourism and recreation on lakes and rivers
  • Enhanced knowhow in water issues
  • Increased cooperation among different actors and beyond administrative borders
  • The fine lakes and rivers of Häme region have raised the profile of local people and businesses and contributed positively to their image

– Our best achievement so far is establishing the Vanajavesi Foundation. It takes a long-term approach to improve the status of lakes and rivers, and without the foundation, this kind of work would be very difficult, says Ms. Sanni Manninen Johansen, the Secretary General of Vanajavesi Centre.

[quote]Our best achievement so far is establishing the Vanajavesi Foundation.[/quote]

Vanajavesi Centre has been operating as a project in the Regional Council of Häme since 2010. Since 2014 Vanajavesi Centre has a permanent position underneath Vanajavesi Foundation. This guarantees continuity for the valuable work of Vanajavesi Centre.

Vanajavesi Centre has a wide range of cooperation partners eg. schools, research organizations, non-governmental organizations, enterprises, authorities, interest groups and all the municipalities of region.

– It has been very easy to find cooperation partners. The importance of improving the status of lakes and rivers has been recognized, concludes Mr. Martti Pura, the fore Chairman of Vanajavesi Foundation.

We also participate in several projects as a co-partner and pilot areas, see examples below.

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[button href=”” align=”left” target=”_blank”]Example2: N-SINK-PROJECT[/button]
[button href=”” align=”left” target=”_blank”]Example 3:Monimet-project[/button]
[button href=”” align=”left” target=”_blank”]Example 4:Openness-project[/button]
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