Tour skating tracks

Alajärvi, Tervaniemi

Located on the shore of Alajärvi Lake, the Tervaniemi recreational area is one of the most popular outdoor recreation areas in Hämeenlinna. It offers varied opportunities for physical exercise throughout the year. Tervaniemi can be easily reached by taking the bus that goes to Loimalahti.

Tervaniemi and its ski tracks Soininsaari Islandform a perfect package for a day hike in winter.

The skating and skiing tracks run side-by-side and the circuit is usually 4 km long. In winters with good ice conditions, the circuit also goes around Soininsaari Island, giving a total distance of 8 km. The trail also has a parking area for kicksleds, and sledges are available for loan. This is all made possible by the voluntary work of long-standing track master Tauno Hovila.

The Lake Alajärvi tour skating and skiing circuit is located in Hämeenlinna and starts from Tervaniemi beach, Tervaniementie 36, 13500 Hämeenlinna, C 60.9671644, I 24.3809289.

Pyhäjärvi, Tammela

In Pyhäjärvi, Tammela, you can find the longest tour skating track in the whole of Kanta-Häme, as well as ski tracks ideal for getting some good exercise. The wide expanse of Lake Pyhäjärvi opens up before you, and the alder-filled woods frame the landscape marvellously. The tour skating tracks and ski tracks run side by side and the routes are as follows: Meijeri-Ruisluoto approx. 5 km, Meijeri-Venesilta approx. 2 km, Meijeri-Opisto-Kukkura-Meijeri circuit approx. 3 km. The routes are maintained by volunteers.

There are several departure locations;

Lamala beach, Portaantie 25 31300 Tammela C 60.805084, I 23.799315

Venesilta campsite, Portaantie 225 31300 Tammela C 60.7921423, I 23.8071671

Manttaalinranta beach, Rantatie 1 31300 Tammela C 60.806328, I23.769676

Ruisluoto, Ruisluodontie 31300 Tammela C 60.7989327 I 23.7134084.

Vanajavesi, Hattulanselkä

The Eerolanlahti Bay tour skating track, located close to Poransaari Island, is a sheltered circular track which, depending on ice conditions, offers either a 750 m or 1.4 km circuit as well as a small skating area for children. The circuit offers great views of Hattulanselkä and of Pyhä Risti Church on the other side of Vanajavesi. The track is maintained by volunteers.

Eerolanlahti Bay is located in Pekola, on the shoreline of Hattulanselkä. Turn from Aulangontie (3053) towards Poransaari Island and then turn left at the first junction (at the signpost to the beach). The public parking and swimming area on the shore of Eerola is at the end of the road, C 61.0527748, I 24.4125141.

Vanajanselkä, Petäys

Pentti Linkola described Vanajanselkä as the queen of Finnish lakes. This is easy to agree with as one contemplates the dazzling Vanajanselkä landscape which opens up in front of ice skaters at the Petäys tour skating track. The trail stretches out towards Lusinlahti Bay and extends all the way to Kauraansaari Island. It is about 4 km long and is maintained by volunteers.

The Petäys tour skating track is located in Tyrväntö, Hattula, and the starting point is at Petäys Resort, Petäyksentie 35, 14620 Tyrväntö, C 61.1585526, I 24.3191114.