Take your children on a fishing trip!

Fishing is a great hobby for the whole family. The equipment needed for hook and line fishing and ice fishing are affordable and no fishing permits are required. The permits required for angling are not that expensive either.

Fishing equipment suitable for children can be found at any fishing equipment shop. Just make sure that the fishing rod or reel is not too heavy. For hook and line fishing, a 3- or 4-metre telescopic rod is more than ideal. For terminal tackle, you should forego the traditional white-and-red float and instead go for a sensitive stick float and a small hook. For winter ice fishing, children can use the same tackle as adults. School-aged children can easily learn how to handle a fishing reel as well. Modern fishing lines are very resistant to wear and boast good tensile strength. We recommend spooling your reel with 0.25 millimetre line. You should also keep in mind that children need guidance on how to fish. If you do not have anyone in your family who could teach the basics, guidance is available from fishing clubs, for example. Fishing is a peaceful activity ideal for balancing busy modern lifestyles. Fishing trips also provide positive nature experiences that might otherwise remain few and far between.

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