Mountain biking

Explore the magnificent nature of Kanta-Häme on a bike!

Information on the services and versatile mountain biking trails available in the Kanta-Häme region has been collected on this website as part of the Suunta luontoon project. The trails offer something for everyone – from leisurely family rides to hair-raising adventures for experienced thrill-seekers. See the trail descriptions below for comprehensive Outdooractive presentations and short films.

Aulanko mountain biking trail 13.8 km

Also a winter trail

The versatile mountain biking trails of Aulanko promise a glimpse of the magnificent Finnish national landscape while touring the historically significant forest park. The trails around Aulangonvuori Hill run in a rugged terrain, offering challenges to even the most experienced bikers. You can also visit the magnificent sites of Aulanko, including the lookout tower of Aulangonvuori Hill and Bear Cave.

Kalvola Church Trail 51.7 km

Touring cycling route

Kalvola Church Trail follows the old route from Tammela to Kalvola Church through the historical landscapes of Kanta-Häme. The varied trail includes gravel roads, asphalt and forest trails.

Kiipula mountain bike trail 10.7 km

For the whole family

Located at Turenki in Janakkala, the mountain bike trail runs through the magnificent esker landscapes of the Kiipula Vocational College outdoor trail network. Suitable for the whole family, this trail consists of pine needle trails, ski track beds, esker climbs and fast descents.

Poronpolku Trail 42.7 km

Well-known trail

The legendary Poronpolku is one of the most popular mountain biking trail networks in southern Finland. Amazing nature along the route together with its easy trails and many resting points provide a fantastic setting for an all-day mountain bike adventure.

Häme Lynx Trail - Iso-Melkutin - Kaitajärvi 10.2 km

For the whole family

Häme Lynx Trail - Iso-Melkutin-Kaitajärvi is an excellent mountain biking destination for the whole family. The approximately 10.1 km needle trail follows the shorelines of the wilderness-like Lake Iso-Melkutti. On the trail, you can visit the Kaitajärvi lean-to shelter at Tammela and admire crystal-clear the lakes.

Räyskälä- Pääjärvi 31.8 km

Convenient connecting route

The Häme Lynx Trail Räyskälä-Pääjärvi trail is a connecting trail between two hiking areas that is also suitable for beginner mountain bikers. Starting from Pääjärvi, this circle trail offers just the right amount of technical challenges, satisfying even the most demanding bikers.

Häme Lynx Trail - Liesjärvi 19.6 km

Get to know the national park

Located on the Tammela uplands, the Häme Lynx Trail - Liesjärvi allows visitors to enjoy the pine needle trails of the Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort, admire Lake Ruostejärvi from the Kurjenniemi Bridge, or take a dip at Villa Erik's magnificent open sand beach. You can also explore the nature of Liesjärvi National Park on the saddle of a bike.

Häme Lynx Trail - Hattula 37.7 km

Also a winter trail!

A mountain biking trail in the beautiful heath forest and esker landscapes of Hattula. The trail mainly follows easy forest paths and runs partly along sand and asphalt roads.