Ice fishing for burbot in February


Burbot is challenging to fish for. Catching it from under the ice requires concentration, knowledge of where to fish and a bit of luck.

Burbot usually congregate in small areas that yield plenty of fish, if you manage to find them, that is. The best way to locate burbot is to fish in a group. Once one fisher manages to catch burbot, everyone in the group should head to the same area. The more rods you use to fish for them, the more active the school of burbot becomes.

You should look for burbot everywhere in the supposed spawning area. Places worth checking in particular include small shallows, rocky areas and the tips of headlands. Burbot prefer to swim around in areas with currents.

Once you find a place abundant in fish, you can keep the distance between fishing holes as short as one metre. Burbot move around constantly when spawning. During the spawning season, burbot often travel along the same routes, so it is a good idea to check holes that yield a good amount of fish several times over the course of an evening.

Large burbot jigs

According to the new Fishing Act, the use of ‘Ryöstöpilkki’ lures is prohibited.

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